1. Case of refunds/exchanges

 All sales of goods and other items on BORDER-GARA cannot be returned to the seller for a refund, or exchanged for another item, except in the following limited cases:

  • The bought item, as delivered, is materially different from that which was ordered (e.g. different size, color, material, model, version).
    • Examples of legitimate cases for a return or exchange:
      • Ordered item was short-sleeved, but the delivered item is long‐sleeved
      • Ordered item was size S, but the delivered item is size M
      • Ordered item was Black, but the delivered item is White
  • The delivered item was damaged in transit or before shipment (damages caused by the buyer shall NOT be subject to return or exchange).
  • The delivered item has significant defects.
    • Examples of significant defects:
      • The zipper of the boot cannot be closed
      • The shirt is missing a button
      • The shoes are missing their shoelaces


2. Refunds/exchange Authorization

Unless otherwise agreed by BORDER-GARA , all refunds and/or exchanges must be authorized in advance by us. BORDER-GARA  reserves the rights to withhold any refunds (in full or in part) on bought items returned to us, without prior consent from us.

  • In the case of an unauthorized return, BORDER-GARA  is not required to re-ship the returned item back to the buying user until the issue is resolved.
  • If refund/exchange authorization has been provided, the buying user must follow the exact procedures as provided by BORDER-GARA, in order for the refund/exchange to be effective. BORDER-GARA shall not be responsible for delays in refunding/exchanging due to the buying user not following the procedures requested.

3. Refunds/exchange Period

Any buying user with a legitimate reason for returning the delivered item for a refund or exchange must contact the seller for refunds/exchange authorization within seven (7) days after delivery of the item.


4. Supplementary Information

If our selling did not or does not have his/her own return /exchange policy, the BORDER-GARA’s Return & Exchange Policy shall apply at all times.