BORDER-GARA is a “specialty” shop

You’ll experience treasure hunting from all over the world like you travel.
You’ll discover and find premier & luxury brand items that you’ve been looking for.
You’ll be thrilled with a JOY of shopping experience with trusted sellers in the globe.


Is BORDER-GARA Authentic?

We only list authentic luxury brand items and we’re proud to say that amongst 1,000 transactions pro year, not one of them has involved a replica, counterfeit, or unauthorized item.

With BORDER-GARA you’ll discover limited edition items and local trends across the globe. We have the opportunity to access VIP discounts on luxury items from their local designer boutiques that you can’t get anywhere else.


 Is BORDER-GARA Reliable? | The Customer Journey

 You have the opportunity to ask our sellers any questions you may have about your items such as item size, color, details, and shipping so they can serve you the best possible shopping experience. We work closely with our sellers to ensure your customer journey is fast and simple.


Is BORDER-GARA Safe? | How to Get in Touch

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us from contact form and we will work quickly to resolve any issues that may arise.

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